Salmon Beach

I returned from Esperance on the last flight out on the Monday public holiday. The weather was awesome, clear skies during the day and forming clouds during the early evening. This particular image was taken as the sun was setting. It then started to rain, putting a gloss over the rocks and you guessed it, this amazing rainbow. How fortunate for me, as I almost didn’t take my camera! Cheers Andy, local knowledge is a blessing.

10 responses to “Salmon Beach

    • Hey Merv, yeah one of those moments Im not sure I would ever get again. More posts to come.
      Cheers for stopping by Cheers Adrian

  1. Killer rainbow Adrian – I love it when some rain hits, then twilight light hits the scene saturating all the colours like this.

  2. Hey Guys thanks for the awesome positive comments. Esperance is such a photogs wonderland. In the last 3 months I have been twice and not even scratched the surface of its vast wilderness. Also Fletch if it wasn’t for your Dunsborough workshop almost 18 months ago I would have never followed my passion and developed my own style. It must be time to attend another workshop hopefully somewhere spectacular next year!
    Cheers Adrian

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