Another road trip awaits

I just love this place, heading back and planning to head through Dunsborough town to Augusta, onto Albany and finish in Esperance. Then take the 9 hour drive inland home. 

Blue Haven Wave

The Stirlings

The Stirling Ranges on this particular day where full of turbulent wind, up drafts and furious cloud fronts. But what got me was the sound of it all. The pelting rain and wind whistling up the face of the ranges was immense. 

Clouds rising Bluff KNoll

Rainbow Coast, Esperance

    One of the more memorable moments from my recent trip to Esperance. It lasted a whole 10 seconds, enough time to ping of a series of images for one mega stitchEsperance rainbow pano

On the Road

Well it has been a long time coming however as of tomorrow I will be on 4 months holiday. Here is a little teaser of what to expect in the coming weeks and months as I get out there and pursue my one passion in life and that is taking landscape images. Oh and I better mention my family, fishing and the occasional bottle of red wine !!Top of Mnt Fklnd copy