On the Road

Well it has been a long time coming however as of tomorrow I will be on 4 months holiday. Here is a little teaser of what to expect in the coming weeks and months as I get out there and pursue my one passion in life and that is taking landscape images. Oh and I better mention my family, fishing and the occasional bottle of red wine !!Top of Mnt Fklnd copy


Re-Edit, chasing the Lyrids

The previous image of the Lyrdis was not sitting well with me so with this Re-edit all I have done is minimal sharpening and a little noise reduction thats it. More stars are visible which is really what the night was all about. Another image to follow with a ten min. exposure. Not that long considering but it provides a totally different angle to the image.

Witching Tree

Looking for the Lyrids

Last night was one of the clearest nights Ive experienced as a photographer and to do it alone in the middle of no where was certainly an experience. Instead of bouncing ideas of others I was left to my own instruction of how I was viewing the night and the location. To focus in near darkness I always find difficult however this image has come out quite good. Not 100% happy with yet so I will leave it in the to do folder for a later date or head back on a still clear winters night. Have a look, drop me a line and let me know what you think.

McLarty Tree


Message in stone


What do you do when you get down the beach. Do you swim, walk or just sit and chill. For me and many I would assume, I’m always looking down and beach combing. Looking for details in the sand or rock face is half the fun, just a big kid really playing outdoors.